Sunday, September 7, 2008

What did I tell you

check to Jolyn Tilley from bud light lime join us if you can!

I'm back

So I am aware that I am still the weakest link. I have to live up to my name! I just don't have anything great to talk about. I would rather just read all of your blogs. Unlike you guys, I happen to love my job. My boss is great! He is a great Dr. as well as a great friend with a terrific family. I am so lucky! I wish you could all work for someone like him. Colton really likes school so far. He says it's so much better than Elementary school. He has made a couple of new friends. Don't worry him and Jacob are still like one. It's nice to be able to check his grades online everyday. Hopefully that will help us this year. If you didn't know Colton got a curfew violation this year and had to go to "Mickey Mouse Court" I mean youth court. He was sentenced to fifteen hours of community service. He has been working it of at school working with the janitor from 3-5. I will be so glad when its done!

Here is my beautiful Stephanie as I am taking impressions for new whitening trays.

Have you ever used beer rebates? They are better than coupons. You can pick them up at any grocery store. Sometimes you have to ask for them, they are usually by the meat/butcher. Just use your grocery shopping reciept (the original) No. You do not have to purchase beer to use them!

Colton's new bike!Yes his was stolen. AGAIN! The day after he went to court 8 am from the garage.

More to come... Denise is here trying to get Colton to wash her truck!