Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mexico trip

On June 6th me and Colton took a little trip to Puerto Adventures, Mexico. The first day was a long one! We left at about 10 am. Between the layover, flight delays, and transportation to the resort, we arrived around 12:30 am. Jen had arrived a few days before us. The next morning we had a note that she had slipped under our door to tell us where to meet her when we woke up. The next couple of days were sunny and hot! We explored for hermit crabs and seashells, played in the ocean, swam in the pool, shopped and of course ate! Colton met a friend the second day. Payton and his brother Dillan are 11 and 14 so they got along well together. Mike, Lisa and the boys live just outside Denver, CO. We spent a good amount of time with them the rest of the week. They have family in Ogden and Roy that they come to visit occasionally so we exchanged numbers. Maybe we will see them again... Bythe second day we were already sick of the food. We decided we better make reservations for dinner the next few nights. We skipped out on the Mexican restaurant. We heard it was awful so we traded it for the new Japanese restaurant. It was amazing! The food was great! It is set up Like Tepanyaki. They first served us each a plate of sushi then soup while they chopped and cooked up our food. After dinner they took us to a separate room where dessert was served. The next night we went to the Italian restaurant. It was pretty disgusting. I'm really not sure why we ate anything on our plate. The Grill was our last dinner reservation. I think we all ordered a different steak. I heard from Collton and Jen that it was great but I was so sick I couldn't even think about eating anything. I caught a nasty cold about the middle of our trip. Oh well... We had a couple of days of almost non stop rain. It was kind of nice just because it was so hot. Me and Jen loved to watch all the people jump out of the pool and run for cover when it started to rain. Uh... I'm not sure, but were they afraid they might get wet? We arrived back home on Thursday the 12th about 10 pm. that night and the next morning we did a bit of laundry as Aaron had also just got home from working in Phoenix. I made it to the grocery store and managed to pick up a few things for the boys. That afternoon Aaron loaded up the 4 wheelers and Jacobs dirt bike and took Colton and Jacob to 5 mile camping for the weekend. They got very little sleep but had a great time!

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