Monday, December 15, 2008

What has been going on?

Some other random pictures of Black Mamba and Copperhead in Vegas! Denise getting mad when Delta told us our flight was delayed for 4 hours. Denise enjoying the continental breakfast she ordered for herself. It cost $17 for 3 little pastries and a cup of coffee. Don't worry she thought the butter was a cookie so she tried to eat it!
Win Big Baby!
Denise enjoying a meal.
A day of shopping with mom. Thanks for coming!
Denise won this great hat for Colton...he loves it!
That was a Hell of a ride Denise!
I wish these pictures weren't so dark. She really had a great ride!
Another self portrait
How many tee shirts do you need to win?
Colton and Butch enjoying the winter wonderland! The birds enjoying the last of the apples off the tree.

Friday, November 28, 2008


The day did not start off so well as Colton caught the stomach flu from me. My illness started on Friday and ended Monday. Colton started the vomiting on Monday night. I thought he was better on Wed. but at 3am it continued. So, Thanksgiving morning he said he was not going anywhere...I wanted to see Jef so bad! I drug him out of the house to go to aunt Julie's. That evening I had the pleasure of having guests over. Mom, Jen, Denise, Henry, Jef and Matt!

Jef is always so happy to see us that he can't control his feelings!

Welcome to our home...make yourself cozy. Our home is your home.

Just pretend for a minute that you like us and want to be here!

Two OF's:)

Jef really wanted someone to dress up as a turkey. So I volunteered to make a complete Ass of myself. We had some good laughs out of this but I look more like a rooster!

We were the last ones up. This is all staged but look below and you can see the effects this might make!!!

I love you Denise! Sleep well!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We love you!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

16 Candles!

Happy Birthday Emily Jo!
November 20, 1992
I can't beleive that you would be 16! Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. What would you be doing today? What would you look like? So many thoughts go through my mind. I am so grateful for the breif moment I had with you. I love you!

Sweet dreams my angel!

Love, Mom

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random stuff...

As you can see Cereal has been on another killing spree. He chopped this little feller right in half. It took him about three days to actully eat him up!
Yes, Colton is doing homework in front of the TV. At least he is getting it done.
The truck
I think Aaron is really likeing it. Who wouldn't. If you ever had the experience of driving or riding in the jeep you know what I mean.
This was another project I helped Colton with this summer. Godfrey! It was a project!
New carpet in a boring room.
Alicia... I'm sorry to see that your parents STILL have no marker or headstone for you. How in the world will she find you at the second coming?
Me and my kids
Me, Denise and Dad.
Aren't you guys glad that they screwed up the headstone? Just think, if they would have put the vase to the left like we asked them to, you would be able to see the headstone.
I hope you are enjoying Pac Man. I needed a change! Love you all:)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

We were supposed to go to the "Heritage" last weekend, but due to the snow, we cancelled. So instead we went to good old Chuck E Cheese! This is not part of the 1200 calorie diet that Denise has me on. I did eat some... lucky for me it wasn't very good. Notice that Colton and Jacob are waiting for little kids to get finished playing.
What a goof ball! Who do you think is winning? Apparently your never to old to play some games. I couldn't tell if they were to intimidated to play, or maybe just out of tokens.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who's having a Birthday?

Happy Birthday!
Do you know how much I want to give you a big hug and kiss? (oh...and crack your back)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What did I tell you

check to Jolyn Tilley from bud light lime join us if you can!

I'm back

So I am aware that I am still the weakest link. I have to live up to my name! I just don't have anything great to talk about. I would rather just read all of your blogs. Unlike you guys, I happen to love my job. My boss is great! He is a great Dr. as well as a great friend with a terrific family. I am so lucky! I wish you could all work for someone like him. Colton really likes school so far. He says it's so much better than Elementary school. He has made a couple of new friends. Don't worry him and Jacob are still like one. It's nice to be able to check his grades online everyday. Hopefully that will help us this year. If you didn't know Colton got a curfew violation this year and had to go to "Mickey Mouse Court" I mean youth court. He was sentenced to fifteen hours of community service. He has been working it of at school working with the janitor from 3-5. I will be so glad when its done!

Here is my beautiful Stephanie as I am taking impressions for new whitening trays.

Have you ever used beer rebates? They are better than coupons. You can pick them up at any grocery store. Sometimes you have to ask for them, they are usually by the meat/butcher. Just use your grocery shopping reciept (the original) No. You do not have to purchase beer to use them!

Colton's new bike!Yes his was stolen. AGAIN! The day after he went to court 8 am from the garage.

More to come... Denise is here trying to get Colton to wash her truck!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008


I have decided that I really should be in the moving business. Last week we spent 3 days on Denise's move. Then between me and Aaron we spent Monday thru Wednesday helping Lori and Larry move. I even managed to work 34 hours at the dental office! These pictures are a bit out of order. Sorry:) This was the last picture I took about 9 pm Sat night after we managed to get Denise's bed put together.
She forgot to have the movers get everything out of the garage. We were determined to get it in one load. We were at a stop sign when I told Denise how bad she was sweating. She didn't believe it was that bad, so a took a picture to show her. When we looked up there was a cop on the other side of the 4 way stop. Don't worry, he flipped around and followed us for a bit but we managed not to get pulled over. Here we were to pick up the Mazda. Almost done.....Thank god! Taking the last load to Sean's, I was waiting for the coffee maker to fall off the truck.
The yahoo with his back to you could only manage to get one small box at a time. Is the truck finally empty? They obviously did a killer job putting things away. I told you we would fit everything in the garage in the truck. We are professional movers! And yes Denise I will help you again, as long as I don't throw my my out. GOOD TIMES!