Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a great weekend!

So Friday started out as a mad dash!The wedding starts at 1:00 and Ang's flight is delayed. She got in my car at 11:50! So off to my house we went. Denise and Brian met us there. Ang jumped in the shower. I ironed her clothes and Denise helped do her hair... make-up was done on the way! Welcome back Ang!We arrived at Ivy Lanes, the reception center at 1:05. Everyone looked great!The ceremony was short and perfect! Hugs all around for the Thompson family!Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Thompson...and girls! Denise and Brian. What a cute couple! Ang is looking fabulous! After the ceremony we went to eat then to Steph and Brian's house. I had heard about this driveway but had no idea what a workout it would be. Here we are at the bottom. About halfway up now. Finally we made it to the house. Thank God!Denise and ConnieAng loving Connie. Rick and Ava in the background. Mom scoping out the kitchen as the wall in front of her has been torn down. Rick and Jen checking out the girls newly remodeled bedroom. I couldn't resist getting a picture of Rick at the girls table. The girls have changed their clothes and had a snack. Cute tongues after eating fruit roll-ups. Now back to my house. Entertaining the girls before going to dinner!
The next day was great as well. We got some good use out of the Wii! A lot of laughing and fighting over the remote... Get one Steph! I'm kicking ass on links! Your lucky I didn't put the video on with you hula hooping!
Congratulations on the marriage! Wish you would have come to the Outlaw! Maybe next time?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reflections of the last few weeks

In no particular order, here it is... Obviously this WAS Denise's truck. While Denise was having x-rays taken at the hospital, I called to report the claim to her insurance company. The lady asked me what repair shop I would like to take it to? Duh?
You probably can't see it but there is a bag of chocolates in the back of the truck. Dad would be so proud!
The tow truck driver and his wife were great! When we pulled into the yard the guy held his head down and asked how she was doing. I said she's right here. He could not believe it! He said to Denise "You were just on a strecher with blood all over your face"
It really is amazing that she made it out without a hardly a scratch on her.
This picture is probably not appropriate, but sure was a good one!
Colton with his cousins Bailey and Mikelle at the Utah party. They adore him!
Aaron getting ready to go play on "The Devils playground" It's too bad that machine didn't come back the way it left.
I am so glad to have those snowmobiles out of the garage!
Colton said he about wet his pants when he opened the wii. Funny thing is, I use it more than he does.
Colton finally decided to get up around 10 Christmas morning.
While Denise was in the ICU over the holidays the nurse left her chart in the room. I took it upon myself to make sure everything was ok. I was glad to see she had "No battle's sign or racoon eyes"
Colton with Grandpa and Joyce. We love you!
While at the hospital I asked Rick if he was just testing out his shoes. He said no. Well then you might want to take the tags off!
I wonder how many people have worn this?
Goodnight kisses:)
Being in the trauma ER is not so glamorous...
I love you and I'm so glad you are alright!
Love you all!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Angel Day Dad!

I can't believe it has been 5 years. So many times I want to pick up the phone and call you or just stop by. It breaks my heart to think I can't because your not here. I am so grateful to have so many great memories of you. I will miss celebrating your Angel day with you!