Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random stuff...

As you can see Cereal has been on another killing spree. He chopped this little feller right in half. It took him about three days to actully eat him up!
Yes, Colton is doing homework in front of the TV. At least he is getting it done.
The truck
I think Aaron is really likeing it. Who wouldn't. If you ever had the experience of driving or riding in the jeep you know what I mean.
This was another project I helped Colton with this summer. Godfrey! It was a project!
New carpet in a boring room.
Alicia... I'm sorry to see that your parents STILL have no marker or headstone for you. How in the world will she find you at the second coming?
Me and my kids
Me, Denise and Dad.
Aren't you guys glad that they screwed up the headstone? Just think, if they would have put the vase to the left like we asked them to, you would be able to see the headstone.
I hope you are enjoying Pac Man. I needed a change! Love you all:)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

We were supposed to go to the "Heritage" last weekend, but due to the snow, we cancelled. So instead we went to good old Chuck E Cheese! This is not part of the 1200 calorie diet that Denise has me on. I did eat some... lucky for me it wasn't very good. Notice that Colton and Jacob are waiting for little kids to get finished playing.
What a goof ball! Who do you think is winning? Apparently your never to old to play some games. I couldn't tell if they were to intimidated to play, or maybe just out of tokens.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who's having a Birthday?

Happy Birthday!
Do you know how much I want to give you a big hug and kiss? (oh...and crack your back)