Friday, July 25, 2008

Another version

Ihave to take Colton and Jordon to the store, so you will get some of the story now and the rest later. This is Denise's old roomates living quarters. There were a couple of broken blinds so being that we are getto, I told Denise to get the tape. As we lifted the blinds, there were two condoms stuck to used chewing gum. GROSS! This WAS an apple at one time. Denise found this behind the couch. Apparently her roomate didn't think Denise would ever find it. What was she smokin? Jen, minutes before the mattress accident.....see Jen's blog for the story. The beaten up mattress after it was picked up from the road. I don' t know why the DI wouldn't take it now? ...........................................we never said the name of the moving company.........................................
sittin. reminissin Get to work "D" Maybe you didn't hear the part about my car breaking down in the middle of all this mess. We tried to jump it but that was a no go. I had to have it towed! Butchie worked really hard! he was all sweaty and need to cool down. Somebody get this mess cleaned up!

I guess I can't be responsible!

Jordan came to stay with us on Sunday. The kids were having a great time! I think they went to the skate park at least 2 or 3 times a day. They were also calling me every couple of hours at work needing food, money, a ride somewhere...and what ever else. So, Monday night I told them not to call me at work unless someone was dying or dead. Tuesday went by pretty well. One phone call asking if they could rent a movie on demand. Fine.....

Wednesday came and all was quiet until 1:48 I got a phone call from Lori. She said "What ya doin?" I said "working" She said, "can you leave work for awhile" I said, "I don't think so, why?"She said, "can you meet me at the hospital or a Dr. office?" I get the point!

Jordan got hurt at the skate park and Lori picked them up.

I asked the kids why they didn't call me. Well duh... no one was dead! Jordan broke his collar bone! Does anyone else want to send their kids over for awhile?

He has done really well. He hasn't complained at all. He is really sore in the morning, but he wanted to stay. Since the accident they have played alot of playstation. Last night we went to dinner then we dropped Colton and Jordan off at the theater to see Hancock while me and Denise went to the mall.

Going home today:(

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Grandma,
Happy Birthday to you!
We love you so much! Have a really great day!
Aaron, Jo & Colton

While mom is away, Butch will play!

Denise left for Cheyenne, WY to go play for the weekend, so we get to tend Butch! What a dog! Have you ever seen this animal's butt fit in a chair? He needs a hammock Mom! You all know that Aaron won't let Colton have a dog, so we have welcomed a new member to our family. This is Sly! He is a very nice Chinese water Dragon. He is really good for the most part. Except when Colton and Jacob threw him on my head while I was asleep! Scared the hell out of me! If you lay him on his back and rub his belly he will play dead!
For those of you who haven't seen Cereal, he is our blue lobster that Jen gave Colton for Christmas. He didn't have a name until recently. Every so often we will wake up to see a half eaten fish so we called him a serial killer. After a while I decided he was going to be hanging around for a bit so I will name him Cereal!

Quit yelling at me!

I am well aware that I have some catching up to do. A couple of weeks ago Aaron finally got around to finding a nice used 4 wheeler for Colton. The older Colton gets the more he and Aaron seem to be finding common ground. Larry (Jacob's dad) took the boys to the dunes on Sunday so they could try out their sand paddles. It worked out nice for Colton but Jacob has a dirt bike and he seemed to just be digging a hole in the ground. As soon as they got back the tires went right back on.

This is all I can manage right now...I'll do more tonight.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This is for Ang

So Aaron has done alot of work in the yard. Besides all the time he put in to working on the fence he has kept the lawn well kept. I have to say it looks pretty good!

While we were in Mexico I bought a hammock. I have always wanted one. It is very relaxing and the kids have a great time on it.

We have not had as many humming birds come to our feeder this year. I wonder if we need to trim the trees back? The only one I have seen is just a little guy.

I have had the camera next to the back door so the next time I see the Coons I can take pictures.

Barnes family... I just wanted to let you know that your plants are doing well! I think they would look lovely in your home, but the fit in great at ours! I will have to buy you some when we come out to see you.

Another project done

Well here is the stupid project we have been working on. We ( meaning ourselves and the neighbors) really wanted to put up a vinyl fence, but the chain link is fine and it wasn't realistic to pay to have this taken out and put up new. So... we decided to put in fence weave. It still ended up costing about $500 but that was much better than $3000. I'm not going to lie, it was a pain in the ass!!! It took us a couple of days but i'm happy about how it turned out.