Monday, December 15, 2008

What has been going on?

Some other random pictures of Black Mamba and Copperhead in Vegas! Denise getting mad when Delta told us our flight was delayed for 4 hours. Denise enjoying the continental breakfast she ordered for herself. It cost $17 for 3 little pastries and a cup of coffee. Don't worry she thought the butter was a cookie so she tried to eat it!
Win Big Baby!
Denise enjoying a meal.
A day of shopping with mom. Thanks for coming!
Denise won this great hat for Colton...he loves it!
That was a Hell of a ride Denise!
I wish these pictures weren't so dark. She really had a great ride!
Another self portrait
How many tee shirts do you need to win?
Colton and Butch enjoying the winter wonderland! The birds enjoying the last of the apples off the tree.


Jessica said...

Looks like a great time in Vegas!

Jen said...

The thought of the two of you loose in Vegas is absolutely frightening! It looks like you had a great time once your flight finally left.

Mom said...

A. Denise, you are really skinny.

B. Who is the hot cowboy?

C. There was a lot of eating.

D. How were you winning T-shirts, and how many did you win?

E. You two really know how to have a good time!

Mom said...

And, I am glad that Butchie has Colton to play outside with.

Ang said...

Again, when do I get to go on a sister vacation? being bitter and jealous!

Denise said...

A. Thank you mother

B. The guy running the bull and yes he was hot.

C. Jo and I don't go hungry.

D. I won two T-shirts riding the bull

E. We do have fun.

Ang...don't be bitter let's just do it!!