Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

We were supposed to go to the "Heritage" last weekend, but due to the snow, we cancelled. So instead we went to good old Chuck E Cheese! This is not part of the 1200 calorie diet that Denise has me on. I did eat some... lucky for me it wasn't very good. Notice that Colton and Jacob are waiting for little kids to get finished playing.
What a goof ball! Who do you think is winning? Apparently your never to old to play some games. I couldn't tell if they were to intimidated to play, or maybe just out of tokens.


Grandmajoann said...

That warms my heart to hear that you still go to Chucky Cheeses. A favorite place in his youth...It was a fun time for us to take him there. You are never to old to have FUN. Way to go Colton.

Jen said...

Listen, gal, don't ask me to feed your fish while you are out of town and then stay in town. If Aaron hadn't called me while I was at Maverik I would have been stopping to feed your fish on the way home. You ARE the weakest link!

Ang said...

This is killing me! Two boys that look as if they wouldn't be caught dead in chuck e cheese and they are living it up. I only wish I could have seen you playing on some of those toys.
I am glad you finally had the "time" to post something.
When am I going to see a picture of your new carpet and Aaron's new truck? Get on it.

Mom said...

Yikes! Chuck E Cheese. What a nightmare. They do look like they are having fun, though. Almost as much fun as Classic, but not as sweaty.

Love you guys!

Nate said...

I don't even know where to start. First of all, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? I realize you have a job, but good Lord girl, 20 hours of work a week is not an excuse. We need to be kept up-to-date on you, Colton, and Aaron. I know you talk to Ang, but Lex, Liv, and I rarely talk to you and it would sure be nice to know how you are doing. We all have better things we could be doing, but 30 minutes a week is not too much to ask.

Okay...I'm done with my ranting and raving, but we MISS you guys and we NEED you to keep us informed on your lives!

I did not think Chucky Cheese was still around in Utah. We have one down the street from our house here in Erie, but remember, its still 1982 here! The pizza always SUCKED, but the cheezy games were always a blast. Colton is growing up way too fast and I am sure next time I see him, he won't even know who I am.

It was great hearing from you and we look forward to being kept up to date! Love you guys!!

Denise said...

I am pretty disappointed that I did not get to attend. But this is hilarious that you had Jen lined up to feed fish and you were still in town. Ha ha ha!

thebeaver said...

Aaron has a new truck? What kind did he get, what color is it? What kind of motor/mileage does he get? All are valid questions...can't wait to here back.

Mom said...

What happened to the sudoku?

I wanted to play! :-{

McCall said...

I'm totally jealous- I've been wanting to go since it opened!