Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random stuff...

As you can see Cereal has been on another killing spree. He chopped this little feller right in half. It took him about three days to actully eat him up!
Yes, Colton is doing homework in front of the TV. At least he is getting it done.
The truck
I think Aaron is really likeing it. Who wouldn't. If you ever had the experience of driving or riding in the jeep you know what I mean.
This was another project I helped Colton with this summer. Godfrey! It was a project!
New carpet in a boring room.
Alicia... I'm sorry to see that your parents STILL have no marker or headstone for you. How in the world will she find you at the second coming?
Me and my kids
Me, Denise and Dad.
Aren't you guys glad that they screwed up the headstone? Just think, if they would have put the vase to the left like we asked them to, you would be able to see the headstone.
I hope you are enjoying Pac Man. I needed a change! Love you all:)


Ang said...

I love your random stuff and I wish you would do it more. I have never thought that you and Denise looked like each other much but that picture of the two of you threw me for a loop. I don't know if it is the angle you both have your heads turned or the smile you both have but you guys look like...sisters! (And I still hate Dad's headstone).

The truck looks like "one sweet ride" as Colton used to say. I wish we had a nice vehicle!!!

And it is about time that I saw your freaking carpet, looks good!

Last but not least Cereal scares the bejesus out of me!

Jen said...

First of all, I agree with Ang that you and Denise do in fact look like sisters.

Second, I also looked for Alicia's headstone last time I was there and I am still just flabbergasted that it has been nearly three years and they apparently have no intention of acknowledging her.

Third, I am also still irritated that Lindquist screwed up Dad's headstone.

Grandmajoann said...

What a nice blog...I loved it. The truck looks just wonderful. I am sure that Aaron is enjoying it. I thought you were beautiful in the picture of you and your kids. It really warmed my heart to see you with all three of them. Won't it be nice when you can see them again. And, Colton, such a handsome dude.
I have always thought you ALL look like sisters. In pictures that are not close up I have a difficult time deciding which is which. Thanks for sharing.
I too am shocked that a headstone has not been put up for Alicia.

Julie said...

Okay, the fish picture is kind of gross but also kind of cool that you saw it in time to get a picture.
I love the pictures of you and your kids, and you and Denice, you are all beautful!
p.s. thanks for your comments to Kellie, we both really appreciated it.

~Cynthia~ said...

I'm loving the randomness and getting to see more of your life. You and Denise look absolutely beautiful. I'm sorry they messed up on your dad's headstone. I would think they would be smarter than that in the first place since the concept makes no sense, but at least they could have redone it correctly.

Mom said...

I am way in favor of total randomness. You should do it at least once a week. I love seeing pictures of my grandson. He sure is a cute boy!

Ditto to all the comments about the lack of Alicia's headstone, and also the idiotic placing of the urn on your dad's. There sure are a lot of stupid people in the world.

I love that Cereal is alive and well. Jen, have you seen Bruce lately?

Steph said...

I am unimpressed with cereal as I am unimpressed with your lack of compassion for these dying fish! You are one sick pet owner!!! At this point Alecia might as well have been buried on the other side of the cemetary...she may find the others at the second coming, but she will not know who the hell she is!! Now break out into our favorite song "sisters, sisters....."

Kellie said...

Lol, the fish is hilarious. And I know my mom already left a comment, but again thanks for the comment you left me. It's nice to hear from someone who has been in the same ballpark. The cemetery pictures are cute as well.

Jordan and Hollie said...

Hey Jo! It has been awhile. It is fun to see pics, I can't believe how old Colton is. I hope things are going great!
Hollie (Hallows) Brown