Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reflections of the last few weeks

In no particular order, here it is... Obviously this WAS Denise's truck. While Denise was having x-rays taken at the hospital, I called to report the claim to her insurance company. The lady asked me what repair shop I would like to take it to? Duh?
You probably can't see it but there is a bag of chocolates in the back of the truck. Dad would be so proud!
The tow truck driver and his wife were great! When we pulled into the yard the guy held his head down and asked how she was doing. I said she's right here. He could not believe it! He said to Denise "You were just on a strecher with blood all over your face"
It really is amazing that she made it out without a hardly a scratch on her.
This picture is probably not appropriate, but sure was a good one!
Colton with his cousins Bailey and Mikelle at the Utah party. They adore him!
Aaron getting ready to go play on "The Devils playground" It's too bad that machine didn't come back the way it left.
I am so glad to have those snowmobiles out of the garage!
Colton said he about wet his pants when he opened the wii. Funny thing is, I use it more than he does.
Colton finally decided to get up around 10 Christmas morning.
While Denise was in the ICU over the holidays the nurse left her chart in the room. I took it upon myself to make sure everything was ok. I was glad to see she had "No battle's sign or racoon eyes"
Colton with Grandpa and Joyce. We love you!
While at the hospital I asked Rick if he was just testing out his shoes. He said no. Well then you might want to take the tags off!
I wonder how many people have worn this?
Goodnight kisses:)
Being in the trauma ER is not so glamorous...
I love you and I'm so glad you are alright!
Love you all!


Denise said...

Where did you get so damn funny JoLyn? Central Laundry....screw you ha ha! Is Rick testing his new boots out? God you kill me. I love you thanks for everything!

Mom said...

Well, it is about time you got around to posting something! Ha Ha. Not like you haven't had anything to do. Good job. And today you are truck shopping. Will it never end?

I had forgotten all about Rick wearing the tags on his boots. And, that is a darling picture of Colton with grandpa and Joyce.

Mom said...

Hey, what do you mean the snowmobile didn't come back in the same condition that it left?

Jen said...

JoLyn! I didn't know you were here!

Ang said...

Good grief just when I am about to count you out for good you come back to the blog my love!!

You really are hilarious, I don't know how you have all the energy to do all you do and keep your sense of humor while doing it. I love it that you spend so much time under cover getting the goods!

~Cynthia~ said...

Somehow I missed this post when it was new. For some reason my blog doesn't always update like it should so that I know when there is a new post.

You really are hilarious. I love your sense of humor. I love seeing all the pictures and hearing snippets of your life as well.

Medical terminology can be very interesting. Battle signs are bruises behind the ears and racoon eyes, of course, are purplish rings aroung the yes, both of which can indicate brain trauma, so we are all really grateful that Denise had none of those!!

I love the picture of Colton with his cousins. That is just too precious and cozy.

Keep the posts coming. I love them!

Sheryl said...

I think it is hilarious that you haven't updated or commented for months, but you have changed the background on your blog. It's really cute.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?