Tuesday, July 15, 2008

While mom is away, Butch will play!

Denise left for Cheyenne, WY to go play for the weekend, so we get to tend Butch! What a dog! Have you ever seen this animal's butt fit in a chair? He needs a hammock Mom! You all know that Aaron won't let Colton have a dog, so we have welcomed a new member to our family. This is Sly! He is a very nice Chinese water Dragon. He is really good for the most part. Except when Colton and Jacob threw him on my head while I was asleep! Scared the hell out of me! If you lay him on his back and rub his belly he will play dead!
For those of you who haven't seen Cereal, he is our blue lobster that Jen gave Colton for Christmas. He didn't have a name until recently. Every so often we will wake up to see a half eaten fish so we called him a serial killer. After a while I decided he was going to be hanging around for a bit so I will name him Cereal!


grammasheryl said...

Both very cool pets! I am not much for repitles or amphibians, or whatever the heck they are, but these are very cool. I might not mind touching the little dragon guy.

I had forgotten to ask Denise where Butchie was going to stay. I'm glad he is well taken care of.

Jessica said...

I think I would have freaked had I woken to that on my head.

The Barnes Family said...

Get Colton his own dog Aaron!

I am very pleased with Cereal's name and still not happy that he continue's on with his killing spree's.

Mom said...

His killing does serve a purpose. If you have ever had guppies, you know they breed like rabbits.

Denise said...

Thank you for watching my baby :)