Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quit yelling at me!

I am well aware that I have some catching up to do. A couple of weeks ago Aaron finally got around to finding a nice used 4 wheeler for Colton. The older Colton gets the more he and Aaron seem to be finding common ground. Larry (Jacob's dad) took the boys to the dunes on Sunday so they could try out their sand paddles. It worked out nice for Colton but Jacob has a dirt bike and he seemed to just be digging a hole in the ground. As soon as they got back the tires went right back on.

This is all I can manage right now...I'll do more tonight.


thebeaver said...

Thank God, there's new stuff here. I check this every day...nice stuff Jo! Way to go Aaron...nice ride Colton.

Mom said...

Well it's about time! For crying out loud, I check these things about twice an hour while I am at work. What else have I got to do? NOTHING! Thanks for the new stuff.

The Barnes Family said...

Don't ever tell me to stop yelling at you AGAIN!!!!

I check these things pretty regularly to because it is addicting. I love the four wheeler Colton it is as you would say a "sweet ride".