Friday, July 25, 2008

Another version

Ihave to take Colton and Jordon to the store, so you will get some of the story now and the rest later. This is Denise's old roomates living quarters. There were a couple of broken blinds so being that we are getto, I told Denise to get the tape. As we lifted the blinds, there were two condoms stuck to used chewing gum. GROSS! This WAS an apple at one time. Denise found this behind the couch. Apparently her roomate didn't think Denise would ever find it. What was she smokin? Jen, minutes before the mattress accident.....see Jen's blog for the story. The beaten up mattress after it was picked up from the road. I don' t know why the DI wouldn't take it now? ...........................................we never said the name of the moving company.........................................
sittin. reminissin Get to work "D" Maybe you didn't hear the part about my car breaking down in the middle of all this mess. We tried to jump it but that was a no go. I had to have it towed! Butchie worked really hard! he was all sweaty and need to cool down. Somebody get this mess cleaned up!


The Barnes Family said...

What is the movie with the line..."the truth doesn't have versions"?????

Answer: Something's gotta give.

This is the moving day that never ends! I love it!

I may post my own version at some point of this moving day, with all the chaos I don't know if anyone would realize that we really weren't there!

Nathan said...

Great pictures Jo!! Are you beginning your post on one day and then not finishing it for several days?? The reason I ask is because I never even realize you have made a post because our Blog List says you haven't made a new post for 6 days.

If you don't want everyone to refer to you as "the weakest link", try and finish a post the same day you start. Since you don't work, I know you have plenty of time!!!

We can't wait to see you guys!!!!

grammasheryl said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your version of the move. It is true we forgot to mention your battery issue. It is note worthy!

Somebody needs to tell me how you put pictures on and write in between them. I can't seem to make mine come out like I want them.

I agree with Nate. More posting, more often!

Denise said...

God it really is the moving day that never ends! Ha ha I freaking love it. Way to get the picture of toots getting his bath.